Pinks and Purples at Bennache

Windswept Isle - Harris 

 70cm x 150cm

 Towards thte Cuillins from Portree 2

Pinks & Purples at Bennachie 2

Pinks & Purples at Bennachie 3

 Cherry Pinks panel

 Pink Cherry Blossom

 Pink Meadows


 Floral Path 1

 Floral Path 2

Summer Shower Castle Fraser

Autumn Hues at Castle Fraser

Celebration at Castle Fraser

 Tapestry in Pinks

 Rocky Road Towards Bennachie

 Rocky Road to Bennachie 2

 Autumn Glow Edinburgh Castle

 Light Fantastic

 Spotlights 1, 2 & 3

 Smooth As Silk

 Summer Storm

 Highlights 1, 2 & 3

 Crathes Topiary 1

Crathes Topiary 2

Crathes Topiary 3 

 Crathes Topiary 4

 Painted Houses at Portree

 Painted Houses at Portree 2 

 Autumn Hues at Bennachie

 Towards the Cuillins from Portree

 Dusk at Harris

 Towards Glencoe

 Twilight at Eilean Donan Castle

 Trees at Eilean Donan Castle 

 Cottages at Catterline 2



 The Inn and the Spire at Stonehaven 2

 Seaspray at Pennan

 Winter Breeze at Luskentyre

 Seaspray at Cove Bay

 Cottages at Catterline

 Grazing By The Sea, Harris

 Stillness On The Shore

 Fishing Net Store at Cove 

 Little Posies

 Winter Sun Bennachie 2

Summer Night Pittenweem 

  Snowcapped Bennachie

The Rugged Coastline, Harris 2 

 Misty Morning At Collieston

Misty Morning At Collieston  2

 Dark Sky at Scarista, Harris 3 

 Dark Sky at Scarista, Harris 1

Dark Sky at Scarista, Harris 2

 Aberdeen Harbour and The Town House

 Aberdeen Harbour and The Roundhouse

 A Fishing Boat at Pennan

 Stonehaven Harbour

 Portsoy Harbour

 Clifftop at Collieston 1

 Clifftop at Collieston 2

 Setting Sun - Harris

 Along the Shoreline - Harris

 Setting Sun - Harris 2

 Setting Sun, Eilean Donan

 Autumn Hues, Bridge of Potarch 

Summer Heat, Bennachie 

Scarista Beach, Harris 

 Aberdeen Harbour II 

 Old Harbour Wall, Cellardyke

 Silver Moon, Stonehaven Harbour

 Atlantic Fury - Hushinish

 The Winding Road to Hushinish

 Setting Sun - Sound of Taransay

 By the Water's Edge - Harris

 Harbour Wall Portsoy

 A Morning Storm - Todhead Lighthouse

 Dark Sky over Luskentyre

 Sound of Taransay

Rocky Road to Bennachie 

 Night Time Castle Fraser

Night Time Craigievar 

Winter Sun Bennachie  

 Autumn Sun Portsoy

 Offshore Near Balmedie


 Summer Heat Pittemween

 Mist Rising - Pennan

Towards Balmedie 2  

 Harvest Moon

  Summer Heat Cove

  Incoming Tide Cove

 Fruit and Flowers

 Towards Balmedie 

 Flowers & Butterflies of Singapore

 Incoming Tide Collieston

 Incoming Tide Collieston 2

 An Evening Shower, Scarista

Early Morning Flight - Dunnottar

 Moonlit Dunnottar I

 Moonlit Dunnottar II

 First Light Dunnottar

 Red Sky in the Morning Dunnottar

 Morning Haze Dunnottar

 Crathes Castle (cerise)

Crathes Castle (pink and yellow)  

 Night Time Crathes 

  Windswept Colliestone

 Windswept Cove Bay 

 Shh Don't Tell Mummy 

 Roses and Lemons

 Moonlight Bennachie

 First Light Pennan

  First Cuppa

 Yellow and Pink Tulips 

 Geisha Girl 2

 Summer Heat Stonehaven

 High Tide South Uist 

 Waiting for the Tide Stonehaven

 Towards Tarensay

 Cottages at Catterline 2

 Storm Over Luskentyre


 Dark Sky Stonehaven

  Little Blue Jug

Twilight  Aberdeen Harbour

  An Incoming Tide 2

High Tide at Pittenweem 

 Tide Out - Pittenweem

 Crail Harbour

  Grazing at the foot of Bennachie

"First Light at the Roundhouse - Aberdeen" 

 Autumn in Bennachie

Three Little Boats at Portsoy Harbour 

  Lilies and Feverfews (blue)

 Red Sky at Stonehaven Harbour 1

  Red Sky at Stonehaven Harbour 2

  An Incoming Tide 1 

  John Knox House


  Red Roofs Pennan


 Kings College - a triptych


 Boats at Pennan

 Boats at Stonehaven

 The Spire and Inn Stonehaven

 Misty Morning, Plockton  

 By the Waters of Cruden

 Crail Harbour

 At the Foot of Bennachie

 Cliff Top at Cove

 Cottages at Catterline

  Dryning Green, Fittie

Cliff Top at Colliston   


 Pennan Calling

 Glimpse of Bennachie

Haar at the Roundhouse 

 Edinburgh Castle - Blue and Green

 Edinburgh Caste

Edinburgh Castle 

Aberdeen Town Hall  

 Topiary at Crathes Castle

 Craigievar Castle

Craigievar Castle 

  King's College

 Autumn Light - Duthie Park 

 Portsoy Harbour

Stonehaven Harbour (b&w sepia)

 Cottages at Cattaline

 Bennachie - Winter's End

 Sand Dunes at Lossiemouth


 Sheep in the Mist

  Stonehaven Twilight

 Misty Stonehaven

 Portsoy Harbour - Autumn Glow

 East Beach at Lossiemouth

 Waiting for the Tide - Stonehaven

  Waiting for the Tide - Portsoy 

Stonehaven Harbour

The Tolbooth The Spire and the Inn - Stonehaven 

 Painted Houses at Tobermory

Lilies and Feverfews

    Tulips, Feverfews and Pansies

 Cups and Flowers

Cups and Flowers II 

 A Bowl of Plenty

A Bowl of Plenty 2

 The Ragged Coastline SE Harris 


 Trees at Duthie Park


 Setting Sun, Eilean Donan Castle

Stillness on the Shore 

 Grazing by the Shore 

  Cottages at Catterline

 Dark Sky at Scarista, Harris


 Size 38 x 80 cm. price £98.00

 Towards the Bridge of Balgownie  

Dark Sky over Bennachie 

 Note: All prints are high quality open edition prints on Classic Museum paper, the texture of which gives the prints the appearance of original paintings. Prints on Classic Museum paper can be enlarged to any size up to 35" wide. For details phone 01224 316230 or email